Dua Lipas Schwester Rina Lipa Feiert Filmdebüt In Von Dickens Inspirierten Erwartungen

Rina Lipa, sister of singer Dua Lipa, is set to star in a Dickens-inspired film , Expectations .

The film is almost finished and is currently in the post-production phase.

Callan McAuliffe, known for his roles in The Walking Dead , Blu Hunt in X-Men New Mutants , Samuel Arnold in Emily in Paris , and Annie Q. Riegel in The Leftovers , also stars in the modern film adaptation of Charles’ book Great Expectations Dickens.

dua lipa

The story revolves around Pip (McAuliffe) who receives an invitation from Miss Havisham but finds himself in a dangerous game when she fails to show up. Along with Estella (Hunt) and other intriguing characters, they must solve a mystery to inherit Miss Havisham’s fortune. However, when a guest is murdered, suspicion falls on everyone.

The film was written and directed by Chris Robert Riegel. Producers are Dave Hansen and Clay Pecorin of Rainmaker Films, and Andrew Panay and Jared Iacino of Panay Films. Filming took place in Canada.

The team plans to screen the film at festivals later this year.


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